Ramen to That

Okay so day three, breakfast was the same porridge but with more salt, deal with it. Lunch should have been identical to yesterday but I forgot my apple, so I bought a Double Decker (only 50p). Not really the same health wise, but Double Decker’s are seriously underrated. If you have never had one check them out. I mean, they’re not Star Bars or Peanut Butter Kit Kats or Boosts, or Reeces Pieces but they are up there in the chocolate world.


Anyway breakfast and lunch probably cost like £1.27 total so frugal, tasty and filling.

Aye so dinner, I was planning a wholesome if unspectacular grilled chicken breast, with potatoes, veg and gravy. It would be a nice pic of a traditional style dinner. Unfortunately I had to work late, so I present:


Grilled chicken breast with satay ramen, celery and frozen peas. Whipped together in minutes with sod all effort. I probably look like I’m celery obsessed at this point, I’m not. It’s just hard to buy veg for one on the go. Nowhere near me sells 1-3 celery sticks so I have to buy a pack, which will go off or get chucked out if I don’t use it. I don’t have a freezer, I have a freezer shelf, currently 1/3 of which is a bag of frozen peas, the rest is frozen meat crammed into a tight corner. I like peas but I struggle to get through them.

I know this looks like a disaster but it was tasty, the ramen cost 40p from an Asian supermarket, they don’t have cooking instructions in English so I just guess how to cook them and chucked in the peas while the noodles were boiling. I was hoping to have soy sauce with these to moisten up the chicken some more but it turned that that my soy sauce was actually balsmic vinegar 😦

Anyway I guess this dinner cost £1.95. The chicken breast is once again locally sourced, the noodles were not & I’m not sure where celery is native too but I guessing its not the west coast of Scotland.

I go away soon so I’ll post my travel diet, which should be different.


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