Bachelor Banquets

Okay so I’m a single guy from South West Scotland, an area famed for really bad diets and heart disease. Yes my avatar is a deep fried pizza. A co-worker from a similar area said they had never met someone with such a bad diet as me. I know it’s not great but I don’t think it’s that bad.

The title of the blog is kind of tongue in cheek as I document my diet daily. I also hope to eventually share receipes and work out how much I actually spend on food.


The weather was absolutely amazing so I had the following


Grilled smoked haddock, with italian salad with balasmic dressing, some chopped celery and two soft boiled eggs. I wanted hard boiled eggs but I misjudged the times and the fish was ready. I’d rather have undercooked eggs (within reason) than overcooked fish.

The salad was store bought from Sainsbury’s but I managed to the celery at a reduced price. The fish is from a local fishmongers. All in I’d say this meal cost £2.80 which is pretty reasonable, it was really tasty and if I’m being honest as healthy as its going to get.


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