Day two (21/6/17)

Right so I work in an office a 9-5 type deal and I’m out of the house about 10 hours a day and I’m pretty lazy.


Breakfast was porridge pretty simple, forgot to take a photo but hey it’s porridge with a wee bit of salt since I’m Scottish and that’s how it should be. I get 500g of porridge for 70p and 2 litres of milk for 99p so I’m guessing breakfast cost about 7p? It’s standard stuff. Hey this is not aspirational.


I try to take my lunch to work as much as possible to save some money. It’s really easy to spend £100 a month on work lunches without some discipline. As mentiond the weather is amazing so I’ve been dabbling with cold lunches for a change. I present


The cornbeef, cheese, celery & salad cream sandwich. An unusual combo I grant you but a tasty one. Above is two of the three sandwiches I had with an apple. Trying to get off to a good start. If I blog my lunches regularly I’ll see how much chocolate I actually eat. What’s annoying is that I bought corn beef slices but I can seperate the slices and they all crumble apart.


I know that looks horrendous but I’ve used a plain loaf and those are amazing, that’s actual fact. I also know that Ive had celery for dinner and lunch but it’ll go to waste if I don’t use it. Estimated cost about 70p.


After yesterday’s healthiest dinner ever! (I know salad dressing might as well be lard) todays dinner was more my usual speed: IMAG2673

Two grilled cheese burgers with barbeque sauce. I had a ton of house work to do so I just wanted something quick and easy. I realise it’s similar to my lunch but hey, it was tasty. I also know rolls/buns are more traditional burger encasements but all hail the plain loaf. This meal cost about £1.70 I think. The burgers are from a local butcher. I try to source al my food locally out of laziness rather than sustainabillity.

I’m going away soon so I plan to document my meals on my travels to add some diversification I also will actually make stuff rather than heating food with prepackaged ingredients. I’m still trying to find my groove in the blogosphere.


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