Once again I had identical breakfast and lunch but this time I had a Star Bar for lunch.


All hail the Star Bar my favourite chocolate bar for 20 odd years.

For dinner I had



Salmon (locally sourced) and mediterrean veg, nice and easy. The veg came as a oven bake dish from the supermarket total cost for dinner about £3.50 Happy Friday everyone


Ramen to That

Okay so day three, breakfast was the same porridge but with more salt, deal with it. Lunch should have been identical to yesterday but I forgot my apple, so I bought a Double Decker (only 50p). Not really the same health wise, but Double Decker’s are seriously underrated. If you have never had one check them out. I mean, they’re not Star Bars or Peanut Butter Kit Kats or Boosts, or Reeces Pieces but they are up there in the chocolate world.


Anyway breakfast and lunch probably cost like £1.27 total so frugal, tasty and filling.

Aye so dinner, I was planning a wholesome if unspectacular grilled chicken breast, with potatoes, veg and gravy. It would be a nice pic of a traditional style dinner. Unfortunately I had to work late, so I present:


Grilled chicken breast with satay ramen, celery and frozen peas. Whipped together in minutes with sod all effort. I probably look like I’m celery obsessed at this point, I’m not. It’s just hard to buy veg for one on the go. Nowhere near me sells 1-3 celery sticks so I have to buy a pack, which will go off or get chucked out if I don’t use it. I don’t have a freezer, I have a freezer shelf, currently 1/3 of which is a bag of frozen peas, the rest is frozen meat crammed into a tight corner. I like peas but I struggle to get through them.

I know this looks like a disaster but it was tasty, the ramen cost 40p from an Asian supermarket, they don’t have cooking instructions in English so I just guess how to cook them and chucked in the peas while the noodles were boiling. I was hoping to have soy sauce with these to moisten up the chicken some more but it turned that that my soy sauce was actually balsmic vinegar 😦

Anyway I guess this dinner cost £1.95. The chicken breast is once again locally sourced, the noodles were not & I’m not sure where celery is native too but I guessing its not the west coast of Scotland.

I go away soon so I’ll post my travel diet, which should be different.

Day two (21/6/17)

Right so I work in an office a 9-5 type deal and I’m out of the house about 10 hours a day and I’m pretty lazy.


Breakfast was porridge pretty simple, forgot to take a photo but hey it’s porridge with a wee bit of salt since I’m Scottish and that’s how it should be. I get 500g of porridge for 70p and 2 litres of milk for 99p so I’m guessing breakfast cost about 7p? It’s standard stuff. Hey this is not aspirational.


I try to take my lunch to work as much as possible to save some money. It’s really easy to spend £100 a month on work lunches without some discipline. As mentiond the weather is amazing so I’ve been dabbling with cold lunches for a change. I present


The cornbeef, cheese, celery & salad cream sandwich. An unusual combo I grant you but a tasty one. Above is two of the three sandwiches I had with an apple. Trying to get off to a good start. If I blog my lunches regularly I’ll see how much chocolate I actually eat. What’s annoying is that I bought corn beef slices but I can seperate the slices and they all crumble apart.


I know that looks horrendous but I’ve used a plain loaf and those are amazing, that’s actual fact. I also know that Ive had celery for dinner and lunch but it’ll go to waste if I don’t use it. Estimated cost about 70p.


After yesterday’s healthiest dinner ever! (I know salad dressing might as well be lard) todays dinner was more my usual speed: IMAG2673

Two grilled cheese burgers with barbeque sauce. I had a ton of house work to do so I just wanted something quick and easy. I realise it’s similar to my lunch but hey, it was tasty. I also know rolls/buns are more traditional burger encasements but all hail the plain loaf. This meal cost about £1.70 I think. The burgers are from a local butcher. I try to source al my food locally out of laziness rather than sustainabillity.

I’m going away soon so I plan to document my meals on my travels to add some diversification I also will actually make stuff rather than heating food with prepackaged ingredients. I’m still trying to find my groove in the blogosphere.

Bachelor Banquets

Okay so I’m a single guy from South West Scotland, an area famed for really bad diets and heart disease. Yes my avatar is a deep fried pizza. A co-worker from a similar area said they had never met someone with such a bad diet as me. I know it’s not great but I don’t think it’s that bad.

The title of the blog is kind of tongue in cheek as I document my diet daily. I also hope to eventually share receipes and work out how much I actually spend on food.


The weather was absolutely amazing so I had the following


Grilled smoked haddock, with italian salad with balasmic dressing, some chopped celery and two soft boiled eggs. I wanted hard boiled eggs but I misjudged the times and the fish was ready. I’d rather have undercooked eggs (within reason) than overcooked fish.

The salad was store bought from Sainsbury’s but I managed to the celery at a reduced price. The fish is from a local fishmongers. All in I’d say this meal cost £2.80 which is pretty reasonable, it was really tasty and if I’m being honest as healthy as its going to get.